Student Learning Model

Students attend classes approximately two-three days per week, alongside paid employment in hospitality and events establishments. Our academic year is split into 4 terms, with each term lasting 11 weeks. You’ll learn from industry professionals in small class sizes, which lends to a personalised learning experience.

Academic Support


Would you like help from your trainer about an assessment, your grades, your class or anything else related to your academic studies?

You can do this via your Student Learning Portal (Canvas).

Here’s how!

  1. Login to your Student Learning Portal (Canvas)
  2. On the left sidebar menu, click ‘Inbox’
  3. Compose a new message, select your course and enter your trainer name
  4. Ensure you include ‘Academic Enquiry’ in your subject line
  5. Once sent, this will go directly to your trainer

Student Counselling

Our uniquely integrated values based counselling  service is offered as a way of supporting you during your time at the College.
You can book an online session where you have the space to just be yourself to discuss life challenges in a safe and confidential space of compassionate self-discovery. 

We offer this support to help you make and take steps toward a more fulfilling life in your study, work and personal life.

You may be surprised to discover a deeper self-awareness, an inner resilience, a renewed self-compassion and empathy for others for a more satisfying and meaningful life.

All students currently enrolled at Kenvale can email to make a time to chat.


Our chaplaincy services provide a support mechanism which can enhance and maintain the student’s
learning experience. All activities of a spiritual nature are elective.  The College Chaplain
is an Opus Dei priest. The College respects all faiths and upholds values, which are universally accepted.
Our Chaplain is Fr. John Watson and his email is


For further details about timetable, please refer to the Student portal on RTOM.




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4 Nov 2022

31 Oct 2022

7 Nov 2022

5 Feb 2023

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13 Feb 2023

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