The hospitality and event management sectors are growing.

Growing up, there are always a number of reasons why we pursue certain careers. Perhaps we want to follow our parents into their career to take over the family business, explore an area where we had success during high school, or try our hand at something with a positive financial return?

However, sometimes, it is good to consider the merits of a career based on the industry itself. In the world of both hospitality and event management, skills shortages are at their highest in years – mostly a combination of high demand growth and the baby-boomer generation starting to retire. As such, should you choose to pursue a career in these sectors, you can enjoy positive prospects as well as the opportunity to support the customer journey.

Searching for staff – the hospitality industry

As Australia's urban and regional centres continue to develop, businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels are amongst the first to emerge. Being in the service industry, these types of enterprises need staff, but are having trouble recruiting, according to the Australian Labour Force Report of 2015-2020.

More than 7 in 10 of cafe and restaurant businesses are lacking sufficient staff across the country.

At present, just over 7 in 10 (71 per cent) of cafe and restaurant businesses are lacking sufficient staff across the country. Additionally, 81 per cent of those proprietors believe that the skills required in the industry are somewhat lacking compared to recent times.

It's the same narrative in the hotel industry, with 39 per cent of business leaders experiencing a talent shortage. Again, two-thirds (66 per cent) noted that finding the right skillsets is proving difficult – highlighting the value of moving into this important career with the relevant qualifications. Of course, the industry growing is great, but this good work could be undone if the right people don't fill the positions.

The event management sector advancing quickly 

According to IBISWorld, the Australian events industry is worth AU $3 billion – increasing around 1.3 per cent in revenue every year since 2011. At present, there are more than 4,300 Australian businesses seeking event professionals, making the sector one of the largest in terms of talent shortages.

One of the true advantages of this industry is that you can combine work and pleasure. The term 'event management' is so wide-ranging that you can make every work day extremely fulfilling, invigorating and lively.

Age barrier – no bridge too far

For some people, their age impacts their career decisions – whether young or old. However, with both age brackets moving through transitional periods, it is possible to take the hospitality and event management industries to your advantage. Based on Deloitte's Millennial Survey, 75 per cent of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by the year 2025. In fact, this demographic already account for 34 per cent of the current Australian workforce, according to McCrindle research.

Despite this, the Australian Labour Force Report states that many understaffed businesses are considering mature-age workers as an alternative source of labour in the interim. For both age groups, there is the opportunity to explore these innovative and progressive industries – with skills and qualifications the best way to get a headstart.

The Kenvale way

Regardless of whether you are 16 or 60, you can learn and develop the necessary skills for the hospitality and event management industries at Kenvale College. The main point of difference is our approach to work and study, as industry knowledge is one of the factors that make our students attractive to future employers.

In fact, the average week of any course at Kenvale College consists of two days of classes – complemented by paid employment for the rest of the week. To succeed in these sectors, you need experience and knowledge. Why not get both at the same time at Kenvale College?

To learn about our various courses, feel free to reach out to our team today.

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Thank you for inviting us – we really did appreciate it. I must say I was really impressed by the Briar Ridge team – one of them (… Aiden) did a really great job explaining who they were, what they were about etc., and really took the time to give us the background on the person behind it all (Gwyn Olsen). He’d clearly immersed himself in the project, and I think she’d have been really pleased if she’d seen that. Happy to reach out and tell her so if you think it would help pave the way for future events.

- Anonymous, Winefest Guest 2015

I just wanted to express thanks and congratulations to all at Kenvale for the magnificent lunch provided on Thursday.

I have been to many hatted restaurants this year and can honestly say that they would have struggled to produce such fantastic dishes.

The lunch was a credit to your students and your staff.  It would be a privilege to enjoy another visit next year.

Best wishes to your graduating students for success in their career and to your staff to continue to guide students to reach such a high standard.

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