Kenvale College graduates have an easy transition to the workforce.

Traditionally, the transition between university and the workplace is a significant step for new graduates. After years of hard study, exams and assignments, they suddenly switch to a full working day.

While some individuals enjoy the challenge of being a young professional, others struggle to work to this new pace. Of course, if you're not used to full time employment, this takes some getting used to.

However, for Kenvale College graduates, making the leap between study and employment isn't that hard. In fact, we would go as far to say that it's almost business as usual! In this article, we'll discuss the various reasons why our graduates don't need to adjust to the workplace.

Kenvale College students have experience in their chosen industry.Kenvale College students have experience in their chosen industry.

Combining study and work

The biggest reason why our graduates have an easier time transitioning into employment is that they already have considerable experience juggling multiple responsibilities while at Kenvale College.

It doesn't matter whether they were a hospitality, event management or commercial cookery student, a large portion of their week was spent at work, developing those core industry skills that will set them in good stead moving forward.

For clarification, students who study in one of our two year programs must complete 1,600 hours over their course at an approved hospitality or events establishment. This provides the opportunity to build on the knowledge learned in the classroom and get used to working in a real-life environment. A typical study week could include two days of classes, complemented by around 20 hours paid work experience!

Network connections

For regular university graduates, even finding a job can be difficult. If someone's network isn't broad, finding a way into competitive industries can be tricky. For Kenvale College graduates, they have already been working considerably with industry partners who have seen what they can do. In fact, we have a 100 per cent success rate of students moving from study into full-time employment – a statistic that we are very proud of!

As part of Kenvale's personal and friendly approach, the school organises exit interviews with all graduating students. This is designed to see how the College can support them after they leave and what they want from the College as a Kenvale's alumni.

Kenvale College students already know the finer workings of their industry.Kenvale College students already know the finer workings of their industry.

Managing Director Anne Zahra recently conducted the 2016 exit interviews and asked the graduates if they needed help to find a new job. Interestingly, all the students she interviewed said that they didn't need help, as their current job, which Kenvale found for them is great and they want to consolidate their knowledge and skills as a full-time employee.

"I am really happy with my job current job at the Holiday Inn, Sydney International Airport. I want to stay there for at least another year as I want to consolidate my knowledge. They have great training and really develop their staff. I am really grateful that Bernie, the Industry Liaison Manager, helped me find this job as I can see my career taking off here," one student, Dylan, noted.

Another student, Melissa explained that her work was offering more skill development now she had finished at Kenvale College.

"I want to stay at the InterCon, as they are training me well, giving me responsibility, especially supervising other staff. I also want to travel and I can do this with the Intercontinental Hotel Chain," she said.

Rhez, an international student, said that her employer had even offered to sponsor her to stay in Australia to work.

Combining study and work gives our graduates an advantage. They have the attitude, confidence and passion to know how to work in their chosen industry, and who can help them become the best they can be.

At Kenvale College, study and work are equal. By getting this balance right, our graduates have a greater opportunity to build a fantastic career in the future. For more information about our courses, contact us today.

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Thank you for inviting us – we really did appreciate it. I must say I was really impressed by the Briar Ridge team – one of them (… Aiden) did a really great job explaining who they were, what they were about etc., and really took the time to give us the background on the person behind it all (Gwyn Olsen). He’d clearly immersed himself in the project, and I think she’d have been really pleased if she’d seen that. Happy to reach out and tell her so if you think it would help pave the way for future events.

- Anonymous, Winefest Guest 2015

I just wanted to express thanks and congratulations to all at Kenvale for the magnificent lunch provided on Thursday.

I have been to many hatted restaurants this year and can honestly say that they would have struggled to produce such fantastic dishes.

The lunch was a credit to your students and your staff.  It would be a privilege to enjoy another visit next year.

Best wishes to your graduating students for success in their career and to your staff to continue to guide students to reach such a high standard.

- Anonymous public guest at Kenvale Restaurant 2015

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