The world is your oyster when you're a hospitality student – particularly when you want to kick start your career in the beautiful city of Sydney! Once you gain a hospitality management qualification, you'll be all set to enter the working world and gain experience at some of Sydney's premier hotels, bars and restaurants. And if you're at a college that gives you the opportunity to work at a world-class venue while you're still studying, you'll be setting yourself up for a successful hospitality career.

Let's dive into some of the best places that hospitality students can work in Sydney. 

Opportunities for hospitality students at Sydney's bars 

For hospitality students who are mad about mixology, the best venues to work at while studying are Sydney's top bars. Sydney has a great nightlife, with a large number of prominent venues all over the city catering to different tastes. From classy rooftop establishments to underground speakeasies, there are plenty of options. And when you study with a hospitality college that has connections with some of the best bars in the city, you know your career will be off to a great start. 

Want to get in to hospitality? Working at one of Sydney's top bars while you study is a great way to break into the industry.Sydney has a large number of bars where budding mixologists can fine tune their cocktail-making skills.

When you study at Kenvale College, you'll get the opportunity to work for one of our industry partners. First year student Kumika Shimano has already gained some hospitality work experience, but working at Cherry Bar at The Star provides something different that's opening up opportunities for her: "It's a new experience and allows me to develop my career", she says.

Though you may start out bartending or waiting tables, there are plenty of opportunities to work your way up.

And hospitality is certainly just that – a career. Though you may start out bartending or waiting tables, dedication will pay off and there are plenty of opportunities to work your way up, acquire new skill sets and take on more senior positions in management (perhaps even open your own bar one day!)

Opportunities for hospitality students at Sydney's hotels

Another place hospitality students can work in Sydney are at some of the city's hotels, which boast a range of work opportunities in different areas. Here's what Kenvale student Jay Zhung, who is currently working at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Coogee Beach, had to say about his experience working there:

"They provide many opportunities in different departments. They have a really good staff rotation which makes you not feel bored of doing one thing every day. They provide food and beverage attendants to work in the restaurant, bar, banquets, room service and mini bar, which lets employees learn more about hospitality."

You'll get a valuable insight into the hospitality industry when you work at a top Sydney hotel while you study.When you combine study with paid work at one of Sydney's top hotels, you'll gain valuable industry experience.

So when you work at a hotel, you won't be stuck doing the same job, and there's also lots of opportunity for progression. Jay has managed to work his way up during his time at the hotel so far: "I started this job as a food and beverage attendant in 2016, and now I have been promoted to food and beverage team leader while still studying at Kenvale College as an international student. I am really appreciative of the opportunities provided by my college and workplace."

You can work – and be promoted to new and more challenging roles – while you are still studying your hospitality course.

Jay is a prime example of the fact that you can work – and be promoted to new and more challenging roles – while you are still studying. That's the beauty of combining work and study.

Opportunities for hospitality students at Sydney's restaurants 

Restaurants are also enormously popular places for hospitality and commercial cookery students in Sydney. With an abundance of world-class dining venues, it's little surprise that these positions are competitive, but studying at a college with industry connections could help you land a dream position at one of these establishments.

Kenvale College student Anthony Bui managed to land a role as a cook at the Chiswick restaurant at the Art Gallery of NSW, which is helping him put the skills he learns during his studies into practice. "My job at the Art Gallery of NSW is helping me a lot in getting more experience, working with high level chefs, developing skills and improving day by day, little by little," he says.

Anthony points out it's not the work on its own that will help develop your hospitality career – you have to be proactive and make an effort to learn new things. "Keep asking, keep learning, keep picking up things as you go. Don't drop your standard and improve yourself with all the experience that you get," is his advice to future hospitality students. 

You'll learn quickly when you combine study and paid work at a Sydney restaurant. You need to learn quick in the restaurant sector, and by combining study and paid work you'll be sure to learn fast!

Isabella Sarmiento, who works as a cook at Ash Street Cellar, a wine bar and tapas restaurant, recommends that working hard is key to getting the most out of working at a hospitality venue in Sydney.

"Working at Ash Street Cellar has been an amazing and unique opportunity. I learn every day from the best in the industry. With hard work and dedication I have achieved the employee of the month award, which keeps me even more motivated to keep going."

These are just some of the incredible venues that make great workplaces for hospitality graduates. Kenvale College has industry connections with bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues all over Sydney. These enable our students to learn from the very best in business while they gain an internationally-recognised qualification.

Want to find out more about career opportunities once you graduate? Get in touch with one of Kenvale's course advisers!

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