Technology is changing the event management world.

Technology is constantly redefining how we interact with each other, and according to Ci Events, it has the potential to make significant waves in the industry. In a June 2015 article, it explained how LED lights and sensors are able to highlight movement information, allowing event planners to understand where the most foot traffic was and better coordinate in the future. This information can show why people visit certain areas and improve how businesses can capitalise on customer behaviour. 

Of course, for students of the 21st century, learning about this technology is part and parcel of climbing onto the corporate ladder. For complex industries such as event management, technology is changing the way that clients and business leaders interact – enabling bigger, brighter and better organised events. Whether a trade conference, wedding or birthday or any other occasion, those with an event management qualification need to be up with the play, ready to make their next experience extraordinary.

Using Priava, a key teaching tool at Kenvale College and surveys, we discuss below how technology is reshaping this exciting industry.

Creating the best event comes down to organisation.Creating the best event comes down to organisation.

Organisation epitomised – Priava

As part of any event management course at Kenvale College, you'll pick up on one main element – organisation. It doesn't matter if you are choreographing runway models in a fashion show or ordering the catering for a business lunch, organisation is key.

In the past, event management relied on pen and paper – folders of information relating to the event in question. Of course, with the digital age upon us, the future is now in the clouds with the software, Priava, a great example.

At Kenvale College, we are proud to use Priava as a teaching tool. The latest in enterprise venue and event management cloud technology, the system is able to hold all the information that an event manager needs to know, right at their fingertips. This eliminates lost data and information, and ensures decisions can be made in a timely fashion. 

Privia aims to be a total event-management tool. For example, an event manager can track different correspondence via accounts, customers and events. This makes it much easier to see the history of relationships and then associate these various contacts with events. Over time, this type of information becomes an invaluable tool in the event management sector.

Event management is certainly a career where day-to-day, the picture changes. On a Saturday, you could be hosting a wedding and by Monday, you may have moved onto a trade conference. With tools such as Priava, juggling these responsibilities is seamless – allowing access to your plans at any time, from anywhere. As the industry standard, Kenvale College graduates can use their Priava skills to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Event planners can gauge audience engagement.Event planners can gauge audience engagement.

The power of feedback

If those attending an event leave with a smile on their face, is this the mark of a well-managed event? At non-corporate events such as weddings and birthdays, yes, but at industry conferences, trade meetings and exhibitions, the success is gauged on engagement and interaction.

At Kenvale College, we teach our students to use every tool at their disposal to make an event memorable. Event planning can be quite a subjective process, everyone has an opinion on your efforts. As well as having a tough skin, you will need to be receptive to feedback, which can be collected through online surveys.

These types of services continue to grow, with most common being SurveyMonkey and Google Forms. Each is very customisable and using them can change your thinking about how well (or not) an event ran – allowing users to make key decisions before organising another.

Feedback is key for events such as fashion shows.Feedback is key for events such as fashion shows.

With most technology of this nature, you can track important metrics such as engagement, enjoyment and participation to deliver quality results to your clients. At the end of the day, event management professionals need to provide the best service to both customers, clients and general attendees – what technology will you use to make the difference? 

Be creative! With new social and survey services popping up all the time, you have the power of novelty on your side.  

For more information about our event management courses, feel free to get in contact with our team today.

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