What Is the Right Hospitality Career Path For You?

The hospitality industry in Australia offers many opportunities for talented and ambitious graduates looking to make a mark on the world. With industries like travel and entertainment continuing to blossom, there’s a demand for people who have the skillset, passion and drive to help customers. The only challenge is, there are so many different roles and so many spaces you can fit in, how can you know what’s right for you? Whether you’re about to start your studies and you’re looking for some direction, or you’re in your studies wondering the next steps to take after you graduate; it’s time to find out which type of hospitality job is best for you!

There are front of house and back of house jobs, depending on whether you prefer to be behind the scenes or more customer-facing. There is lots of value on each side, and making the right choice between the two comes down to your personality and interests.

Why Hospitality Careers Are So Fulfilling

  • Whether you’re making someone their favourite meal or helping plan their big day, jobs in the hospitality space bring joy to people’s lives.
  • If you’re someone who is passionate about serving people and bringing them value, you will always find fulfilment in the job.
  • It’s gratifying seeing a vision turn into a great event, a great space or a great experience.
  • There are jobs all over the world, in different cities, catering to many different clients so you can travel and have a job that never feels like work.
  • You will get to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, who are as excited about working with you too.
  • A service background can also be an amazing foundation for you to build your own successful business.

Event Planning & Operations

If you consider yourself someone who pays attention to details, loves putting together an event, whether it’s a wedding or an A-list party, this is the type of role you would love to get in the hospitality industry. Event planning involves everything from budgeting, to picking out vendors, guiding clients and making sure everything is running smoothly. At the end of the day, when the event has gone smoothly, you’ll be happy to have made someone’s special day something they will always remember. If you would prefer an even bigger portfolio, then something like a hotel operations manager role would be a great way to put your skills to good use.

Food & Beverages

Event planners are in charge of a broader offering of things during parties and events. They oversee different parts, if you would rather focus on a smaller area, then the food or beverage side of things would be perfect for you. This includes being a chef, working in the kitchen to whip up delicious dishes, managing beverages, mixing drinks and cocktails, helping people pair their wine expertly, catering for events or making pastries and desserts. Food is one of the most important parts of any celebration so this would be an area you would really see the fruits of your labour when they love the food you make.


If you’re someone who likes to be involved in the aspects of hospitality that allow you to deal with more customers face-to-face, a service-related role would suit you. This ranges from waiters and waitresses who are the people responsible for the experience someone has at a restaurant. You could also be a hotel concierge, making sure that guests have everything they need to have a comfortable stay. Finding the right job for you in this very big industry starts with knowing what options are out there. With the information here, you can start to figure out what you’re drawn to, and what you think would be the best use of your talent. It’s key to know that there are so many wonderful opportunities out there and that you can have the career of your dreams in hospitality. To find out more, get in touch with one of our career advisors today.

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