What sort of foods are you looking to provide at events this winter?

Winter is a time when many seek refuge within their own homes to stay warm and cosy. However, there are events and other special occasions that don't always fall during sunny days, and so, people have to adorn knitted layers to venture out into the cold.

When you are supplying food to large crowd of people, it's important that you understand what they are looking for to satisfy their tastes, especially during the winter when they are also looking to fill their stomach with warm, fulfilling food. A hospitality management course from Kenvale can help you organise snacks and meals for a special night so that it goes off smoothly, no matter the occasion. 

What delicious winter meals will you serve at an event?What delicious winter meals will you serve at an event?

Morsels of meat

Salads are out this season – it's all about rich, meaty flavours. If you're after something that is easy for your chefs to whip up at short notice and offer your clients a good bargain, why not suggest dumplings?

They're nutritious, delicious and are enjoyed by many sets of tastebuds. Dumplings are great for corporate events – they're small enough to eat without mess, yet not as delicate as small cubes of cheese or crackers and dip which may fall apart easily. As they can be served steamed, you can easily keep them warm for clients until the time for waiters to mingle with a full tray. Despite the weather, it's unlikely they'll go cold, as people will snatch them up quick.

It's important you organise catering that's suited to the audience, feeding them whilst fitting with both the theme and budget constraints. Dumplings are easy to make in bulk supply and customisable to desired tastes and diets.

Platters of plants

Whole Foods Market suggest plants creatively incorporated into dishes is a real hit this year. You'll find that the kale craze is dying down, but is in no way out the door yet – it's still a coveted ingredient to throw into smoothies and salads.

As a key player in the hospitality field, it's crucial you know how to cater to the tastes of all sorts of clients. Take a page from popular Eastern cuisine and find dishes that involve the subtle use of vegetables – such as fried rice wrapped in a leaf of lettuce. Everyone can leave their cutlery at the sides of their plates, relaxing the atmosphere of the whole event – perfect for occasions where you're surrounded by friends and family.

Using vegetables in a creative manner is sure to be a popular dish that could also be an ice-breaker during social meals – a win-win situation for both your client and for the event itself!

Do you know the quality of your meats before you serve them to customers?Do you know the quality of your meats before you serve them to customers?

Grass-fed beef

You want to provide dishes that are hearty and delectable that'll make clients want to keep you on for future events. When suggesting fulfilling meals for events, take a gander at something other than the expected winter lamb meals. 

Grass-fed beef is not just a winter food trend, but a popular meat too. The cows that supply the meat are allowed free-grazing, rather than being pumped up on supplements and grains, and hence, is a meat suited towards those that care for the welfare of animals and quality of food they consume.

Mayo Clinic explains the nutritious benefits of grass-fed beef – while there's less fat content, there's more of the healthy variation such as omega-3 fatty acids (Okay, so it's better for you than factory-farmed beef, but is not better than eating cauliflower). Beef can be cooked in a myriad of different delicious ways, and as such, are a versatile meat for all sorts of functions. Being able to cater foods that people can eat without worrying about their diets can promote the businesses behind events as corporations that care about the welfare of their people and the environment, too. 

So, when a business reaches out to you for catering services, you'll be equipped with the latest food trends of this season, and can deliver sumptuous snacks and meals to suit their corporate event with no hassle. Contact our friendly team to see what other skills a hospitality management course can provide.

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