Kenvale College’s Wine Tasting Fest Was A Massive Success

On the 10th of November 2020, Kenvale College held it’s award-winning event, Wine Tasting Fest

Celebrating the achievements of our students

This event allows an opportunity for our highly-skilled hospitality, cookery and event management students at Kenvale College to showcase their skills. Our students combine talents to promote Australian wines and tasty cocktail food through themed stalls.

Kenvale College uses this event to celebrate our student’s achievements and to promote hospitality events in NSW.

In fact, in 2019, Winefest won the award for best training initiative at the Tourism Training Australia awards and national finalists in the 2020 Australian Events Awards & Symposium in the category – ‘Best Achievement in Event Education or Training.’ This is solely due to our students display of the highest quality catering, cookery and event management.

Celebrating a variety of local Australian wines

This year we proudly featured Australian wines from the following wineries:

  • TamarRidge Tasmania
  • Brown Brothers Family Winemakers
  • Devil’s Corner Tasmania
  • Innocent Bystander
  • Pirie Tasmania

Guests attending Kenvale’s Wine Tasting Fest were able to try wines made by the following wineries, along with delicacies by our professional students.

Wine Tasting Festival

Keep an eye out for upcoming 2021 events from Kenvale College

We hold multiple events throughout the year to allow our students to display their knowledge and skills, and for employers and others to see the value of our students. These events are a chance for students to network and find employment opportunities within the hospitality, cookery and events industries.

Find out more information on events and news here.

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