Kenvale College Graduate Opportunities

Graduates from Kenvale College have a number of available job opportunities when they complete their studies

Are you about to complete your studies with Kenvale College, or are considering taking a course in Cookery, Event Management or Hospitality Management? Well you might be wondering what kind of job opportunities are available for you.

Well thanks to our personalised style and unique approach to industry placement, our graduates have some exciting options available to them once they have completed their studies with us.

How does our industry placement work?

 At Kenvale College we have an industry liaison manager who holds a consultation with each individual student. During these consultations, students are given the opportunity to discuss their interests, career goals and work experience.

Our industry liaison manager provides assistance in completing a professional resume, helps prepare for job interviews and lets students know how they can go about securing employment in the across multiple industries.

Kenvale College will also introduce our students to future employers from a range of industry networks, which is very exciting and helpful when it comes to finding work once they have completed their qualification.

All of Kenvale’s students are expected to complete a practical component by working in the hospitality and events industry undertaking study. Gaining this practical experience and making industry contacts helps many of our students find exciting job opportunities once they have completed their studies. Find out about industry placement at Kenvale College.

What job opportunities are available?

Students who complete their qualification in hospitality, food and events have the opportunity to work in a number of areas.

Hospitality graduates often work in the following industries:

  • Accommodation industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Function and catering industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Events, conferences and seminars industry

It’s not uncommon for our students to develop their career as hotel managers, restaurant owners, head chefs, cruise ship managers, event management and many more exciting paths.

Job opportunities for Commercial Cookery graduates include:

  • Chef
  • Sous-chef
  • Menu designers
  • Caterers
  • TV cooking show presenters
  • Food stylist
  • Photographer for food

Job opportunities for Event Management graduates include:

  • Corporate or charity work
  • Planning conventions, fundraisers, trade shows, ceremonies and conferences
  • Working with music festivals

What courses does Kenvale College offer?   

At Kenvale College we offer a comprehensive range of courses in Commercial Cookery, Event Management and Hospitality Management

The courses are unique in that they combine work and study. In fact, Kenvale students do around 20 hours of paid work a week, which is an amazing opportunity to gain industry-led knowledge and gain real experience that is very attractive for future employers.

View a full list of courses at Kenvale College.

Speak to Kenvale College to find our your study options

If you are interested in studying at Kenvale College, we encourage you to get in touch.

Our February 2021 intake is now open, so we encourage you to speak to one of our course advisors if you have any questions about a specific course or how to go about applying. Get in touch with one of our course advisors here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus, which is located in Randwick, a suburb in Sydney.

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