Four Possible Careers in Hospitality Management

If you are considering a course in hospitality management, you might be wondering what kind of career prospects will be available to you after graduation.

A qualification in hospitality management provides graduates with the opportunity to work in multiple fields within the Hospitality industry. Read on to find out what kinds of jobs you might consider once you have completed your studies

1. Accommodation Manager

If you are interested in running an accommodation establishment, such as a hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast, you might be interested in working as an accommodation manager.

Working in accommodation management means that you are responsible for the efficient operations of the establishment including budgetary control, business planning and people management. Building upon these skills could also lead to a number of career paths and graduates might find themselves working in one of a range of roles.

Possible positions include front-of-house management, while some people prefer to work in operational departments behind-the-scenes.

Work in hotels and resorts is well suited to graduates who love practical, hands-on jobs and can handle an ever-evolving work environment with managerial responsibilities.

2. Tourism Manager

Tourism is an ever-growing industry in many parts of the world. In fact, travel and tourism makes up around 9 percent of the global GDP, making the industry one of the biggest employers on a global scale.

Hospitality graduates can often choose between a number of tourism-related jobs on completion of their studies. Possible careers in the tourism and travel industry include:
• Cruise ships
• Hotels
• Tourist attractions such as museums, historical monuments
• Destination management organisations and consultancies

Work as a tourism manager is typically very multi-faceted, ranging from marketing, public relations and managerial responsibilities. It is well-suited to graduates who love diversity, both in terms of work challenges and people, and are creative and resourceful to devise tourist development initiatives to promote tourism in general.

3. Luxury Brand Manager

A fairly new career prospect in the field of hospitality management, working as a luxury brand manager is ideal for those with an interest in luxury goods and experiences.

The luxury industry is currently booming globally and includes a wide range of sectors within and beyond the Tourism and Hospitality industry, including:

• Luxury hotels
• Cruises
• Fine dining and wine
• Cars
• Spas
• Other travel experiences

In recent years, there has been a shift towards customised experiences, and many of the world’s most prestigious and successful luxury brands have been turning to hospitality professionals create and enhance the unique and personalised guest experience for their clients.

4. Experience Manager

A growing global phenomenon, the ‘experience economy’ provides the opportunity to deliver an exceptional experience in addition to the products and services offered. This presents some new and exciting career opportunities for hospitality professionals who are all about being “guest-focused”, to create unique and customised experiences for clients and can involve:

• Food
• Sports
• Fashion
• Travel
• Gaming and technology

Hospitality professionals monitor guest interactions and experience to create memorable experiences for their clients by using their practical training and up-to-date industry knowledge, as well as identifying opportunities to drive improvements.

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