The Culinary School

Kenvale College is excited to announce that we have partnered with The Culinary School to deliver commercial cookery courses commencing October 2020 in their state of the art kitchens, located in Punchbowl.

The arrangement is a great opportunity for young people especially in the Southwest & The Canterbury Bankstown area to study their passion, gain a qualification and increase employment opportunities.

The Culinary School is the personal culmination of 15 years of Bashar Krayem in the hospitality industry. Growing up in Sydney’s Western suburbs he was exposed to a cultural smorgasbord of cuisine, which lined the streets of Punchbowl similar to what he would see in his mother country. He opened his first Café at 18, followed by his first Restaurant at 22 & has never looked back.

From there he moved from strength to strength opening up cafés, restaurants, bakeries & then finally, embarking on a concept like no other – The Culinary School.

Located in Southwest Sydney, The Culinary School offers cooking classes, corporate team building sessions, private bookings of events for adults and children as well as teaching life skills & independence to those with special needs.

Bashar Krayem, who won an Australian achievement award in the “Man of the Year” category, 2017 is passionate about giving back to the community.

“Our aim is to inspire a culinary revolution… A journey that transcends borders, boundaries and generations to reignite a passion for the culinary arts. Tradition meets innovation in every recipe, class and cuisine uniquely tailored to awaken your inner chef”

The Culinary School takes pride in presenting tailored short course programs for recreational family classes and school aged students. The programs are designed to incorporate the educational syllabus and cookery skills based within a fun and team-oriented atmosphere that encourages confidence, creativity, stress management skills, independence and as a form of mindfulness. They also focus on healthy eating, nutrition & cultural awareness through the art of culinary.

Kenvale College will deliver commercial cookery qualifications that will allow students to further develop their culinary skills and knowledge along with pursuing their passion.

Like the Culinary School, Kenvale College share the same vision that you don’t just study for a qualification but you study to further your passion. Kenvale College provides a way forward for their culinary students to commence their career and get qualified in what they love to do.

The Culinary School Open Day

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Expressions of Interest for our upcoming Culinary Schools Open Day

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