What to expect when you study events management at Kenvale College
  Studying events management at Kenvale College is different to studying elsewhere. When you study with us, you enter the industry on day one, getting to plan real events for big names right from the start of your course. These experiences mean our graduates are well-equipped to handle the challenges they’ll face in the fast-paced events industry after their course. This can be a daunting experience for prospective students. However, as Kenvale lecturer and industry expert Brigid Treloar will tell you, there’s nothing better than diving in the deep end. We spoke with Brigid about what our events management students get up to, so you know what to expect during your studies with us! Jump straight into running real events At Kenvale College, we believe in the value of getting our students to start running events as soon as possible. “Learning by doing” is our motto. So you’ll spend plenty of time out of the classroom, engaged in the practical process of event planning.
At Kenvale College, our events management students get the chance to run their own real, live events.At Kenvale College, you’ll hit the ground running, getting the chance to run events right from the beginning.
As Brigid explains, Kenvale College students get the opportunity to jump headfirst into some high-end event management projects. Some of our students have worked on a fashion event for the Royal Easter Show, which is one of the biggest ticketing events in the whole of NSW. “The Royal Easter Show called on our events students to help them come up with innovation and ideas for putting the event on,” Brigid recalls. “This included the decorating, putting a video together and putting it to music. It required a broad range of skills that covered technical, AV, decorating, theming, logistics, operations, design and risk assessment – a really broad range of the skills that they’re learning as part of their course.” Our events management students have also gotten the opportunity to run events at Luna Park and on Cockatoo Island, while two of our talented students were picked to be part of the most recent Festival of Sydney brochure. This went to print and was showcased on the Festival of Sydney website after they took part in a workshop that involved constructing things out of recycled garbage, showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness. As you can see, there are a whole host of exciting opportunities to run real events for some pretty big clients as an events student at Kenvale College! Running a live event is “a really good way for those in the industry to see what our students can actually do,” says Brigid. It can also benefit your career by landing you a job – several Kenvale College students have been offered jobs by employers who have scouted them working at events. These students are now working at places such as the ICC and Zest Waterfront Venues. Think outside the (foam) box When you study with us, you can expect to be challenged to think beyond the ordinary, and come up with unique and creative ways of doing things. “Last year we worked with a group called Food Waste Love Waste Collective on a project to tackle food -related waste in the events industry,” Brigid recalls. One group of students started their own garden made from foam boxes that were turned into self-watering pots. “We are trying to get students to think: ‘What can I get that somebody else doesn’t want that doesn’t cost much – or anything?’ The idea is to get them to think outside the square.” It’s the ability to think creatively while working with limited resources that we try to teach at Kenvale – because that skill will come in handy working in any event – no matter how big or small and in what industry. Think on your feet Another valuable skill you’ll learn at Kenvale is the ability to think on your feet. Our lecturers do this by getting students involved in challenges that help prepare them for those they’ll face in the industry. WineFest, a wine showcase that’s matched with food, is one such event. Our events and hospitality students need to find sponsors for the event with no budget whatsoever. Brigid challenges her students to flex their event management skills under pressure, something she believes helps build resourcefulness. “Students need to be able to think on their feet,” says Brigid. “How are you going to sell your idea, your concept?” “This is very much teaching you how to deal with clients. These skills don’t necessarily come as part of the curriculum, but having worked in the industry for so long, it’s very much what I know students will need.” Our industry expert teachers like Brigid don’t just teach you the basics – they go beyond to help you understand what working in the events industry is really like. Come up with your own event In their final semester, students have to come up with an event of their choice. The lecturer is there as a guide, but the students have to do everything from venue selection, fundraising and sponsorship. This ties into all the skills they have learnt during their course. It’s also a great example students can use when speaking with potential employers to demonstrate they have experience managing events before they’ve even finished studying. A Kenvale College events management qualification prepares you for the industry The main thing that makes Kenvale College such a good place to study events is the way our qualifications are designed to give you the best possible start to your career in the events industry. You will definitely be challenged, but you’ll know that once you graduate, you’ll have the ability to make it. To enrol in one of our Events Management courses, reach out to a course advisor today. Don’t forget to share this via , Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.