Further your event career with paid work-integrated learning at Kenvale.

A vocational education and training (VET) event management qualification incorporates paid work experience into your study, allowing you to earn money while you study. This work-integrated learning structure makes VET qualifications extremely attractive for careers-focused high school leavers, as it means they can gain a wage and experience straight away.

In this article, we take a look at the kind of work experience you'll undertake when working towards a VET qualification in event management at Kenvale College.

Entry-level event management positions

Our industry partners confirm that the fastest pathway into an event management career is with hospitality experience.

While a VET program will have you worked in a related environment, it's unlikely you will find yourself working in event management or planning straight away. This is because events are a high-pressure industry, with a lot at stake and a huge variety of knowledge needed. Many event management companies are unlikely to hire new planners, managers or producers without proven experience in a related industry.

Even after graduating, it can be hard to step directly into a planner role. Our industry partners confirm that the fastest pathway into an event management career is with hospitality experience. High school graduates should consider studying hospitality management alongside events to broaden their job prospects both in and outside the events sector. After all, with food and drink being a major revenue driver for most events, hospitality skills are particularly advantageous to job seekers. You can read more about studying hospitality and events simultaneously in our blog post: "Why you should study hospitality and events together".

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Industry placements when studying event management

Work-integrated learning is a major aspect of a VET qualification. Working in a related business alongside your study helps you apply theory in a practical context. Your study will help to inform your work, and vice versa.

Recent high-school graduates studying event management at Kenvale will work in hotels, around function spaces and helping with operations, customer service and audio-visual logistics. This hospitality-side role means you'll be working at and around events, but not yet managing or planning them. Older students with more experience, particularly around hospitality and service, are more likely to find industry placements with our event management partners. 

It's important to realise that this experience is still extremely important to forwarding your career and seriously considered by future employers. After all, there's no better way to understand how an event is run than to be on the floor, seeing it all happen.

Working on the event floor is a crucial experience for aspiring event managers.Working on the event floor is a crucial experience for aspiring event managers.

Running real events during your studies

Outside of work placements, Kenvale event management students engage in planning and executing real events. For example, first-year Kenvale students are given the opportunity to operate a stall at Kenvale's annual and well-respected Winefest event. 

Those studying towards an Advanced Diploma of Event Management will go one step further, working under the guidance of Kenvale lecturers and mentors to collaboratively plan, coordinate and execute an original event of their own design. The process includes everything from venue selection, procurement and fundraising through to technical set-up, curation of event content and on-site delegate service. This experience is highly valuable to those seeking a career in event management, as it means you graduate with a successful event behind you.

Planning and executing events is a core facet of a Kenvale event management qualification.Planning and executing events is a core facet of a Kenvale event management qualification.

Where do Kenvale event management students work?

Between our coveted industry partner placements and event management opportunities, Kenvale students enjoy getting involved with a number of high-profile Sydney employers and events. These include:

  • The Royal Easter Agricultural Show: As one of the biggest ticketed events in New South Wales, the Royal Easter Agricultural Show is a massive opportunity for Kenvale students to shine. In 2018, our students planned, designed and executed a Natural Fibre Fashion Parade as part of the show. In reward for their efforts, Kenvale students achieved a position as finalists for Best Achievement in Event Education or Training at the Australian Event Awards.
  • Hotel partners: We keep a close relationship with a large number of prestigious international hotels, helping us provide fantastic working and learning opportunities for our students. These include Radisson Blu, Novotel, Swissotel, Ibis and Crowne Plaza.
  • Events industry partners: Kenvale also partners with popular event venues such as the International Convention Centre (ICC), This Space, and Freedom Hub.

Through the combination of work-integrated learning and practical event management projects, Kenvale students graduate well-equipped with the skills they need to pursue the career of their dreams. Furthermore, our 100 per cent graduate employment rate ensures you'll leave with your foot already in the door.

Kenvale College is the starting place to the bright future ahead of you. Don't hesitate – reach out to a course advisor today to discuss the best study option for your ambitions.

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