Kenvale College is fully committed to the health and well-being of our students. The College is open. Our theory classes are still online and we have started practical kitchen management classes following the Australian Governments advice on social distancing in response to COVID-19. It is pleasing to see that lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, this is especially good news for the hospitality industry that in NSW it is opening up sooner. Please check back on this page as further updates will be posted here.

Applications and enrollments for September intake are open.

Please note that the College does NOT have any confirmed case(s) of COVID-19 among staff or students or any person who has visited our premises that we have been notified of. This precautionary measure is implemented to minimise the risk of students and staff.

Kenvales COVID-19 Safety Plan

1) T2 theory classes will be online for the entire duration of the trimester. This way students can plan their trimester. We acknowledge and respect our students’ varied preferences: many enjoy the flexibility of online learning, some are missing face-to-face interaction with students and lecturers, others are concerned about travelling on public transport, in winter
and with the threat of COVID-19 still out there. We are studying ways that we can have small groups of students who may like to opt in for face to face classes on-campus  that would be
delivered under strict COVID-19 safety measures. The timing of face to face classes will be aligned to Step 2 of the Government’s “3-Step recovery process”. Please expect an announcement from the Academic Department. This flexible approach for theory classes is in order to allow students to work as much as they can. If you have concerns about your ability to attend online classes in T2 please speak to your lecturer but what is important is that you complete all assessments. 

2) Practical Classes will be resuming soon in T2, once we have strict safety measures in place for the personal protection of the students, since we cannot comply with social distancing rules. Expect an announcement from the Academic Department. Some students may not want to start practical classes in T2 because of health and safety concerns in travelling to College and/or the lack of social distancing during the actual practical class. That is not a problem, please contact the Academic Department and inform them that you
want to defer your practical classes. If you commit to commencing a practical subject then you need to commit to attending as scheduled in the timetable and completing the practical assessments, otherwise you will fail and need to repeat the subject or make up the assessments and pay the associated fees.

3) The College acknowledges and understands that some students continue to encounter financial hardship and these times are still very stressful.
Therefore we are:
a) Extending the end-date for Special Consideration for fee payments from June 1 to September 1. This means that for the period of March 16 to
September 1, 2020 the late payment fee is waived and students can request Course Fee Payment Plans to be adjusted. This does not mean discounting fees. Students can apply for Special Consideration by contacting the college wants to accommodate as many students as possible, on a case by case basis, within the resource constraints it has. Students are to email Compliance for more details on the specific information required.
b) The $50 special consideration application fee is waived for all applications submitted to September 1, 2020.
c) The $300 late payment fee is waived from all payments due from March 16 to September 1, 2020

4) You may have seen the surveys that was sent to students last Wednesday requesting feedback on T1 subjects and lecturers, thank you to those who have already participated. 
We also have two more surveys that will be sent this week. The first survey is specific to COVID-19 and its impact on you personally. The second survey is to gather general feedback on the college and is anonymous. We fully understand that whilst it’s not ideal to send multiple surveys around the same time, we really do want to hear from our students during this challenging time so that we can continually improve the ways we support both students and staff through our future planning.

5) Please note that fees will not be waived for failed subjects or incomplete assessments.  Lecturers have been diligent in reminding you what assessments are missing or what assessment you need to resubmit. If you believe you have mitigating circumstances  you can apply for Special Consideration to

6) I will continue to remind you of the support that is available to all students in the form of discounted groceries, supermarket vouchers and alternative accommodation. We also recently launched an Emergency Student Appeal and continue to reach out to the College’s network for support. The NSW Government has now set up emergency support services for international students but please contact the College as the first point of call.

7) Finally and most importantly I cannot emphasise enough the need to be sensitive to our mental health and the mental health of those around us. Please contact Student Services if you need help or if you are aware of other students or staff who need support. Please try and keep well and support each other. For those of you who have read this email please share the main contents, through text and social media, with students who do not read their College emails.

Last but not least, the College is concerned for Student Well Being, including social, mental and financial. Our student services and support is operating as usual, so please reach out to College Staff at any time. We will be staying in contact with you during this period of online learning and want to support you any way we can.

Anne Zahra
Chief Executive Officer of Kenvale College

Useful Information & Resources

Health Advice:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. As the situation changes rapidly, it is important that you stay up-to-date and vigilant, as well as follow the steps to slow the spread.

Follow Current Situation:

Practice good hygiene to protect against infection: 

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  2. Cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue
  3. Sanitise regularly, this includes items you reach out for often such as keys and mobile phones, and disinfect surfaces
  4. If you or anyone you know is sick, avoiding contact with others and arrange to visit a doctor
  5. If you have recently travelled from overseas or in close contact with a confirmed case in the 14 days prior to feeling unwell, seek medical attention. Make sure you notify your doctor in advance before your visit. 

Useful Links & Resources:

COVID-19 Health Alert:

24-Hour COVID-19 Health Information Hotline: 1800 020 080

General Health Information:

Public Health Information Hotline: 1800 004 599

World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Advice for Public: