Welcome to Kenvale College Alumni Network

The Alumni Relations department works collaboratively with the alumni and graduates to help form a lifelong and meaningful relationship with Kenvale College. It offers valuable benefits, support services, alumni career coaching, alumni volunteer opportunities and engaging experiences to keep you close to the college, lecturers and classmates.

Once you graduate from Kenvale, you automatically become a member of the Kenvale College alumni network – a local and national network of hundreds of graduates dating back five decades.

As a member of the alumni network, you immediately have access to a range of free benefits. For example:

  • Invitation to events including professional development, seminars and careers expos
    • Being part of the college’s professional and industry network
    • Access to the Kenvale College library and journals
    • Being informed about any changes in the College’s Academic and industry status
    • Discount to Kenvale College courses (upgrade your existing qualifications)
    • Discount to Kenvale pop-up restaurant

We will also keep you up to date with all the news, events and exciting developments happening at Kenvale College. We plan and organise on and off-campus reunion and gathering events with the help of alumni volunteers.  We also provide a dedicated email  line of communication through our social media platforms for alumni to connect and reconnect

Ways to remain involved

As alumni, you are a vital part of the Kenvale alumni network and family. And as advocates, advisors, guest speakers, returning students, employers, student internship providers or industry partners, there is plenty to look forward to staying connected and, with your support, we continue to build a great Kenvale Alumni Network

To stay up-to-date with the latest news and information ensure your contact details are updated on, alumni@kenvale.edu.au

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