Scholarship Details

  • Value: $ 3000
  • Duration: Duration of Full Course.
  • Level of Enrolement: Starting Full Qualification in February 2022/2023 Intake.
  • Number available: 3 ( 1 per person )
  • Year of Scholarship: 2022/2023
  • Qualification: any of our full qualifications.
  • (applications open now for Feb 2022/2023 Intake )

*Deferral or withdrawal of studies will result in a forfeit of the remaining scholarship or the entire scholarship in case the student has not yet commenced the course.
* Scholarships are applied proportionally across the payment schedule following the student’s written agreement.

Entry requirements / Application process

Entry requirements / Application process

  • Starting a full Qualification in February Intake 2022/2023
  • Meet Kenvale entry requirements.
    • You can find the requirements HERE
  • Fill out Kenvale Application Form  + provide required documents outlined in form HERE
  • Fill out Scholarship Application form below

Eligibility Application Form :

  • please answer all questions in your response. 5500 word limit.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    please upload your resume / CV

Scholarship Policy ( terms & Conditions )