The Home Management Course offered by Kenvale College is a unique and exciting course that explores the value of the work of the home, equipping you with the skills to create a beautiful home and lifestyle. This course can be undertaken as a complete set of modules or alternately these modules can be studied individually. Completion of one or more of these modules will allow you to become a Gold Tier member of Kenvale College’s exclusive ‘Home & Lifestyle Association’.

    The inspiration behind it all …

    The significance of the course lies at the core of the College’s ethos. We believe that home management isn’t merely undertaking a series of material tasks. Rather, they affirm the value of human dignity, humanise society and shape culture.

    As stated by Kenvale College’s past Academic Director Carmen Pavia her research paper, “The person is the starting point and the reason for service. Service has its origin and conclusion in the person. The notion of ‘person centred service’ is what needs to be the core of hospitality education.”

    A peak at the learning modules we offer …

    • Family Anthropology

    We are all persons, therefore we have a dignity, and creating a house into a home affirms this truth. Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of what makes a family member special. From why we are naturally social beings, our capacity for intimacy, freedom to make choices, exercising responsibility and our great potential for self-giving.
    Pavia argues that personalism can help us understand the true nature of service. Personalism is different from individualism as it recognises the social and relational nature of the human being. Family anthropology and is the root of why Kenvale’s Home Management course is fundamental in any society.

    • Dining and entertainment
      Discover ways you can create an atmosphere that fosters a sense of authentic friendship. Presentation and a fine attention to detail are paramount in cultivating an environment where people feel comfortable and are willing to socialise in order to create a memorable experience.3
    • Time Management
      Learn the ins-and- outs of how to maximise productivity amidst the hectic work schedules and several commitments. All it takes is a step back and a look at a different perspective that makes getting things done possible, by simply knowing how to manage your time.

    Other Learning modules include:

    • Beauty, design and tradition
    • Home Maintenance
    • Home Finances
    • Textile Science
    • Kitchen Essentials
    • Kitchen Master Class

    Making a house a home …

    There’s a difference. In the words of Jill Savage, author of Professionalising Motherhood:

    “Homemaking is the deliberate cultivation of beauty and productivity in family relationships. Homemaking is about helping your family feel loved and comforted.

    Homemaking is about celebrating each other, and about caring for each other, as well as for your friends and extended families and even the occasional stranger. Anyone can keep house. Not everyone bothers to make a home.”