At Kenvale College, our mission and vision are clear.

Our Mission

At Kenvale College, we will work with students, staff members and industry partners to transform tourism and hospitality industries and spread a culture that is respectful and encourages a genuine commitment to excellence.

We envision world-class tertiary education that produces humble, hard-working and passionate graduates that are committed to service and are happy to receive and act upon feedback.

With their integrity and passion for service, our students and graduates will make a positive and lasting contribution to the workplace and society.

Our Vision

To create a supportive environment where educators and students alike are treated equally. We recognize and respect the dignity of each person as everyone is a valued member of the Kenvale College community.

We adapt a holistic and individualized approach to supporting students and encourage our students to have a voice so they may grow in confidence and achieve personal excellence.

Through being unified in this vision, we strengthen the bonds within our family, affirm the value and importance of work around the home, set an example to strive for greatness in the workforce and reinforce the concept that you don’t study for qualifications, you study to further your passion and dreams.

Our Values

Kenvale is Australia’s oldest not-for-profit private hospitality educational institution. It is recognised for the 100% graduate employment success rate among its graduates, its strong links to the hospitality industry and its uncompromising and stable values.

Kenvale’s education of the whole person, workplace experience and the combination of work and study is central to its programmes and success.

As per the founding philosophy, inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaría, the founder of Opus Dei, Kenvale sees hospitality and events as channels for improving society.

The treatment of students as unique individuals whose needs are met is a distinctive characteristic of all the College’s initiatives. Kenvale’s vocational and academic preparation which includes scientific, technical and professional training, equips the graduates to engage in cultural, social and ethical issues of contemporary society.

Kenvale prepares graduates through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and insights, to serve as competent effective professionals. With their integrity and passion for service, they make a positive and lasting contribution to the workplace and society. The attributes they acquire are a consequence of their deep understanding of the dignity of the person.

Kenvale staff strive to ensure that there is attention to detail and that their own work meets a standard of excellence. They lead by example with their integrity of conduct and spirit of cooperation.

The Christian character of Kenvale’s programs reflect: a commitment to truth; respect for personal freedom; and the pursuit of virtue in professional and social life. In broader terms, Kenvale seeks to spread a culture that: strengthens the dignity of the human person; strengthens the unity of the family; affirms the value of the work of the home. Kenvale also emphasises the importance of understanding and cooperation among persons of all races, beliefs and social conditions.