Kenvale College is a not-for-profit college with a strong emphasis on integrity and on the primacy of the person

Personalised Education


One manifestation of the personalised education at Kenvale is the mentoring system. Each student is assigned a mentor who meets with them individually once a month. This is a great way to ensure each student is treated as an individual, with attention to their personal needs. This is a great practical way to support each student in their personal context of culture, race, gender, etc. Normally, students are matched up with a person of the same gender, to help them feel comfortable and understood. Mentors are also matched with students of similar cultural backgrounds where possible.

Mentoring can help identify quickly any issues or concerns that could arise due to discrimination, unfair treatment, or generally any special needs a student reports. Mentors are given training twice a year, and are in regular communication with the Mentor Coordinator. They report any issues to the appropriate member of the management team or to the Mentor Coordinator where further follow up is required.

Small Class Sizes

Another means of providing a personalised education is through small class sizes. There is a low teacher-to-student ratio whereby students have close interaction with lecturers and the lecturers diligently pass on any concerns to the Head of Hospitality, Cookery and Events/mentor.

Communicating Expectations

The values and practices of fair treatment of individuals is communicated verbally to staff during their induction program. It is also passed on to them through the staff handbook which is given to them at induction. This resource is also available to staff on the intranet.

These same principles are passed on to the students verbally through their orientation program. They are passed on to them in written form in their student handbook, which is shown to them at orientation, and made available to them via the intranet.


Students are also exposed to the practice of and theory behind Diversity and Equity through their studies, to prepare them to be ethical leaders in their field. Most students complete at least one of the following units during their studies here:

SITXCOM201 Show Social and Cultural Sensitivity
BSBDIV501 Manage Diversity in the Workplace

Gender Equity

Kenvale College has a high percentage of women on permanent staff.  We support them in many ways, as follows.

Family Friendly Workplace

Kenvale College offers very flexible work arrangements for staff who have family commitments. These include flexibility around carers leave, an open approach to allowing leave for emergency situations/family needs, and flexible work arrangements to suit the lifestyles of staff members. A high percentage of the staff are on part-time and flexible hours.

Staff and students are also supported for parental leave. Students needing maternity leave have special study plans organised with the assistance of the Academic Director. Parents and students are supported whenever they need to bring a child to college due to failed child care arrangements. We also offer work from home arrangements for any staff who request it.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

50% of the students at Kenvale are international students, coming from a diversity of cultures within Asia, Europe and the Americas.  The values and practices of these individuals are accepted and appreciated as adding to the college environment and enhancing the experience of all individuals within the college.

Indigenous Students and Staff

Kenvale supports indigenous students and gives them equal opportunities. We assist them in their transition into their studies and help them gain employment. We have worked with ACCOR Indigenous Programs Team to coordinate where a concrete possibility could exist for a Kenvale student.

Religious Values/Practices

Students and staff with special requirements regarding religious practice are supported and encouraged in this. For example, any special dress requirements that are part of religious practice are respected, as are special dietary practices that are part of their religion. Other religious practices such as not working on Saturdays, are also respected and worked around.


Students and staff with any kind of disability are supported with reasonable adjustment. Many times, this takes the form of things like adjusting the form that assessments take; allowing extra time for assessments, etc.  The education at Kenvale is very focussed on the individual for all students, so for those with disability or extra needs this is tailored to what they need.


Kenvale employs people across a broad spectrum of ages.  Students of all ages are also accepted into our courses.

Long Term Unemployed

Kenvale works in tandem with job provider networks to provide courses designed to equip people who are long-term unemployed with employability skills. We also give them individual sessions with our Industry Liaison Manager who assists them with their resumes and helps connect them with suitable employers.

Promoting a Culture of Diversity and Acceptance

Community Service Activities

Interested staff and students are involved in community service activities that assist minority groups and promote greater acceptance and attitudes towards such groups.  These include:

Dubbo Service Project

This is a community service project in Dubbo, within the indigenous community, providing school holiday activities for primary school children and life skills programs suited for teenagers.

DREAM Project Australia

DREAM is a project working with refugees in the suburbs of Sydney.  Activities range from providing academic tutoring to high school students, through to passing on life skills in areas like job seeking.

Multi-cultural Lunches

One way of encouraging understanding, and appreciation of the various cultures is through the sharing of multi-cultural meals. During the orientation week, as a way of “setting the pace” from the very beginning, one such lunch is celebrated together, as an ice breaker and sharing of cultures.

A Safe Environment

All members of the college, including staff and students, volunteers, contractors and visitors have a right to study and work in a safe and fair environment. The college does not tolerate behaviour that could be discriminatory or amount to harassment of staff or students.