Inspire creativity with study tricks.

There are usually two different kinds of people around exam time – those who are nervous and those who don't want to admit it. Of course, exams draw different emotions for everyone, both positive and negative.

And while we aren't here to debate whether exams are the best way to test students, HSC exams are now scheduled for October – and it's best to be ready for them. As the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect", but traditional studying doesn't work for everyone. So, we've compiled a list of alternative study tricks to make sure you ace your exam – nervous or not!

1) Gamify your study with sweet food rewards

Treat yourself to a sweet during studying.Treat yourself to a sweet during studying.

We all love food, but taking a snack break during a study session can waste valuable time. Instead, why not combine the two?

The easiest way to do this is to leave yourself food as a reward for doing something positive during studying. Whether you are reading a page or chapter of a book, passing a practice exam or recalling basic facts, you can reward yourself for progress. Perhaps leave a packet of lollies next to your desk – just don't eat them all before you start!

2) Convert to Times New Roman

Most text platforms use Arial as a default font, but due to its easy to read format, people are more likely to skim over keywords and sentences when reading. During a study session, this is the last thing that you want to be doing so change the font to Times New Roman.

It may look more formal and structured, but you'll pay closer attention to the words – improving the amount of information your brain interprets. Who knows, Times New Roman might just become your new favourite font for assignments! 

3) Get handy

Use your hands as memory tools.Use your hands as memory tools.

Most study guides will tell you to use diagrams, objects and concepts to remember key information, but what happens if the answer is at the end of your arm?

Instead of writing the answers on your hands (which is cheating), use your hand and fingers as memory tools. In this process, link different topics, words and names to different fingers or lines on your hand. In the exam, you can simply take a look at your hand and remember all the points that you studied.

4) Create a learning ritual

While this might sound boring, you can actually form a fun learning ritual which gets you into the mood for studying. Even if you are well into your studying schedule, this can add a bit of structure and routine to your efforts.

Perhaps you always go for a run or play sport before you start or have a meal prior to hitting the books. The more often that you follow the ritual, the more you are able to form a learning routine that can help motivate your mind for study.

5) Eliminate the temptation by going Cold Turkey

With the first HSC exam less than a month away, the amount of work that you have to do may worry you. If you are like most people, you can probably blame Facebook, Twitter and Netflix for this lack of productivity.

Sound familiar? If so, why not go Cold Turkey? The application blocks any website for a set amount of time and is tough to break – perfect for a study session. As such, lock yourself in your room, go Cold Turkey and really dedicated yourself to your studies. 

Get ready for Kenvale College

We look forward to seeing you after your exams, but understand the pressures during this time. For all students studying for HSC exams, good luck and happy studying from the team at Kenvale College!

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