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Earlier this year, we were delighted to announce that we had been awarded Smart and Skilled funding from the New South Wales government for training in 2016. With preparations well underway for the new semester starting in July, we believe it is again important to highlight these details.

Across our curriculum of hospitality, events and cookery courses, several are subsidised under Smart and Skilled at both Diploma and Certificate levels. This means that eligible students can study at Kenvale for heavily discounted fees. Regardless of your background or previous educational experience, you can get the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on your dream career.

However, before you commit to the Smart and Skilled funding program, it is natural that you will have questions about the process. As such, here is a list of frequently asked questions that can help you determine whether the program is right for you. Of course, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Am I eligible for subsidised training under Smart and Skilled?

As a program, Smart and Skilled is designed to make education accessible for all corners of society. This mean the eligibility process is reasonably broad. Those eligible are:

  • 15 years old or over,
  • no longer at school,
  • living or working in NSW (or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in specific NSW border areas,
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen or
  • a NSW apprentice or a new-entrant trainee undertaking a selected traineeship on the NSW Skills List

It is important to note that previous qualifications are irrelevant to the eligibility process, but could impact the amount of fees you pay.

You may also be eligible for higher subsidies if you fall into one of these categories;

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students
  • Students with disabilities
  • Dependants of Disability Support Pension recipients
  • Students receiving Australian Government welfare benefits
  • Dependants of Australian Government welfare recipients
Smart and Skilled is open for semester two.Smart and Skilled is open for semester two.

How do I pay off the course fees?

Now is the time to start thinking about your enrolment for semester two.

Depending on the Kenvale College course and your personal eligibility, we will determine what the course payment is for you before you enrol. In some circumstances, this amount can be paid off in instalments or another prior-arranged way.

If you enrol for a Diploma or Advanced Diploma under Smart & Skilled, you are also eligible to apply for VET FEE HELP to help pay the tuition fees.

Now is the time to start thinking about your enrolment for July 2016. We are more than happy to talk to you and your family about course details and payments to ensure the smoothest possible start to your education.

If you wish to learn more about Smart and Skilled or our range of courses, feel free to contact us today.

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Thank you for inviting us – we really did appreciate it. I must say I was really impressed by the Briar Ridge team – one of them (… Aiden) did a really great job explaining who they were, what they were about etc., and really took the time to give us the background on the person behind it all (Gwyn Olsen). He’d clearly immersed himself in the project, and I think she’d have been really pleased if she’d seen that. Happy to reach out and tell her so if you think it would help pave the way for future events.

- Anonymous, Winefest Guest 2015

I just wanted to express thanks and congratulations to all at Kenvale for the magnificent lunch provided on Thursday.

I have been to many hatted restaurants this year and can honestly say that they would have struggled to produce such fantastic dishes.

The lunch was a credit to your students and your staff.  It would be a privilege to enjoy another visit next year.

Best wishes to your graduating students for success in their career and to your staff to continue to guide students to reach such a high standard.

- Anonymous public guest at Kenvale Restaurant 2015

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