One's performance in job interviews is crucial to secure that great job you have been waiting for. However, it can sometimes be hard to know how to prepare for the interview and what to say and do in the interviews.

For job seekers in any sector, there are various common interview mistakes that can trip up your bid for industry employment. While some are subconscious, others can be avoided through a little attention to detail. So, according to the industry experts, what are these mistakes and what can you do to ensure you nail your next interview?

Lack of preparation

For anyone with a job interview coming up, it is vital to do your research. This includes understanding the business, the trends of the sector, the personnel and mostly importantly, the job that you want to get.

Being prepared is something that we have control over so there is really no excuse for failing to answer some of the key questions during an interview. Not only does it make you look unprofessional, it can appear to the recruiter that you simply don't care enough about the role to look into the business in more depth.

How can you ensure you don't fall into common interview mistakes?How can you ensure you don't fall into common interview mistakes?

Too much information

On the opposite side to the mistake above, some candidates simply provide too much information during an interview – potentially overwhelming the recruiter and not explaining themselves in the best manner. As such, be mindful of overspeaking while answering questions as people may lose attention and simply not listen to your valid points.

Be mindful of overspeaking while answering questions as people may lose attention.

To address this? Concentrate on being as concise as possible.

It is okay to take a second or two before answering a question to pause and think clearly about how to answer. If you need further clarity on the question, feel free to rephrase it to ensure you are giving the best answer possible.

Additionally, if a question has passed, but you suddenly remember information that would benefit your application, ask the interview to return to it and you can add further details. This is a much better approach than simply throwing out unnecessary details to another question which could detract from your answer.

Talking too quickly

Job interviews can be stressful and can play havoc with emotions and physical responses. Most people will be equally excited, nervous and anxious before the start of an interview and this can result in speaking too quickly.

Of course, you have a lot of good points to make, but they don't have to be expressed within the first five minutes. For a recruiter, they are looking for people who have confidence, but someone who can control their emotions at the same time. To avoid talking too quickly, candidates will need to actively be aware of the problem and practice various techniques.

One approach can be to deliberately slow down the pace of your voice – focusing on tone, pitch, projection and vocal variety. If you wish, a mirror can make the ideal interviewer as you practice controlling how you speak.

Another option is to only give two seconds of eye contact at any one time. With the eyes of a recruiter staring at you, it is easy to quickly pick up the pace and lose your track of thought. Pro tip: focus on the forehead so it doesn't come off as intense – if you look at someone between the eyes, they won't even realise your technique.

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